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DevOps is a software development and IT operations process that helps to improve the collaboration between developers and operators by automating the Deployment, configuration, monitoring, and management of applications.

This DevOps for Beginners helps anyone who aspires to make a career as a DevOps Engineer. Certifications are available from Amazon web services, Red Hat, Microsoft Academy, and DevOps Institute.

The benefits of learning DevOps include:

Improved Quality: DevOps can help ensure that your applications are delivered on time and with high quality, and it can also help reduce the number of errors and defects in your code.

Faster Development Processes: With DevOps in place, you can deploy new features faster and more efficiently. It will help you release new versions of your applications more frequently, leading to a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Increased Agility: DevOps quickly respond to changes in the market or regulatory environment. This will enable you to stay ahead of the competition and maintain a leadership position in your field.

Reduced risk: Operators can take over specific tasks or processes previously handled by developers, leading to a decrease in the number of errors and increased efficiency.

Improved communication: When developers and operators work together closely, they can identify problems early on and make necessary changes before they become major issues.

Course Curriculum

  4. Docker Installation
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